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Company insists that human resource is the first resource. Appointments should be governed by qualifications, determine posts by ability, use the capable ones, replace the average ones, relief the incapable ones competitive rules. Inspire employees' potential and creativity, provide talents with growing conditions and value enhancement. Weigh the value of staff-to-business according to employee's ability and contribution; make talents of good conduct, dedicated diligence, strong professional ability and high efficiency stood out. Let everybody fully display his talent, and make the best use of able persons.  
We advocate a “healthy, happy, positive, scientific" outlook. Only health and enjoyment can make our life more joyful.  
Development is not only the combination of individual and enterprise benefits, but also we share the same ideal and value, which will be energy source for improving company development and expansion.  
Company provides every employee with good payments and benefits, and provides every employee with broad space for development.