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Steel security door frame size is the number of standard

Date:2013年5月21日 14:57

Now security doors from the past than a single appearance in the form of a box now developed into two, Marsupial, door in door and other forms, door appearance exterior paint from a single development to the present facade color plates, stickers wooden surface, water transfer, etc. to meet the needs of the consumer-level security doors. Currently houses mainly flat open security doors, security fence, as well as residential or residential walkway building intercom door.

Steel door security door opening degree standard What?

1, the preferred size is relatively large, credibility, sales and service fairly standard security door companies and dealer stores, but also should pay attention to product identification, such as anti-theft security door marked "FAM", business name, trademark, specifications, performance standards, etc. content.

2, the security door frame of the plate thickness should be more than 2mm, the door thickness of 20mm or more, the door sandwich cloth several root ribs and filling with foam, rock wool, honeycomb filler such as the door front and rear panels connected together organically, and enhance the overall strength of the door.

3, anti-theft door door locks should be used in anti-theft lock, which locks with anti-drilling devices, tamper lock structure, the lemons using an ordinary door, no anti-drilling devices and can easily be hand drill, etc. pry tools of crime.

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