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Door optional note describes processes and Accessories

Date:2013年5月21日 14:57

Recent property market pick up, many new owners are busy decorating their new homes. Remember now many have claimed that the effects of fire security doors, security doors have fire safety features on a few hundred dollars more expensive. But experts said the filler material to see whether the fire, some of the claims to be "polyurethane foam", and did not fire. If the manufacturers claim to fire, you must provide proof and fire inspection reports.
In a shop selling security door, a lady boss looks introduced a steel door eastern × cards, "gate material is steel, which the filler material is the 'high-pressure polyurethane foam', can fire insulation, a door 1880 yuan. "In another store, the owner also introduced a steel door, said filler material is" fire bubble "," fire about half an hour ", priced at 1,480 yuan. However, these shops have to provide proof that there is no fire.
Industry experts, security doors also need to pay attention to the purchase of technology products and accessories:
Now on the market anti-theft door surface treatment technology mainly divided into two categories: one, Foil technology: steel surface mount graining PVC material (ie, complex plastic), its production process for the PVC material by heat sealing paste on the plate, such products During use, the hot and cold changes that may occur unglued, from the floor, leg color and so on, and after a sharp scratch the surface and corrosion degumming phenomenon is more serious; 2, the transfer paint technology: steel corrosion by phosphate solution processing, steel bottom spray baking, add the wood grain transfer to baking sheet on the underside of the paint, the surface of automotive paint technology. Relatively stable performance.
Door surface phosphating emit large quantities of sewage treatment needs, companies are polluting the environment bear the pressure. Recently, Tianyi film technology technology, production is very simple, degreasing, descaling, film, passivation process in a treatment tank synchronization is complete, the entire process takes only 5-10 minutes. Just after the pool is drained from the workpiece, without washing, drying production process can enter the next one. So, degreasing, remove rust, phosphating, surface conditioning Four of the new technology is no longer outward discharges.
From the security door lines on the market is the market divided into three categories:
1, Wood Line: WPC substrate surface film (PVC) or stickers paint, because of its surface with lamination process, in the course of paste between the substrate surface and easy to fall off, the surface layer is prone to blistering, wood easy to powder base such phenomena;
2, steel lines: steel substrate surface film (PVC), due to its surface with lamination process, in the course of paste between the substrate surface and easy to fall off, the surface layer of blistering occurs;
3, plastic paint lines: In the high-quality steel substrate surface using wood and UV lacquer finishes transfer process, product full color, colorful, so that products reach the best condition. 

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