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Stainless steel security doors and acquisition of knowledge Raiders performance advantages

Date:2013年5月21日 14:57

With the low carbon buildings become mainstream, the use of energy-saving stainless steel security door on the essential, stainless steel security door manufacturers should follow the development, vigorously develop energy-saving stainless steel security door products, so as to better development of low-carbon era . Therefore, the development of environmentally active manufacturers of stainless steel security doors, stainless steel security door industry in the future development trends!

Stainless steel security doors are made of stainless steel with superior data security function entry door, exterior door decoration is the current commonly used in household products. Not the same as a result of raw material is divided into: Stainless steel security doors, steel doors, wood and steel structure, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Stainless steel security door, durable, superior safety features to meet the security needs of different occasions, especially Miyao Treasury preferred "impregnable." So how can we choose the bed of roses a stainless steel security door products do?

Stainless steel security door security into ABC3 grade, C grade burglar highest performance, B grade Secondly, A-level minimum, the market mostly for A-level, generally applicable to ordinary families. Class A requirements: Full steel, flat open fully enclosed, general machinery, hand tools and portable power tools complement each other under the action of its weakest link can resist the net non-normal open time ≥ 15 minutes or should not be cut out of a wear through the door of 615 square centimeters of the hole.

Qualified Stainless steel security door locks generally use three or five azimuth orientation locks, door locks only the upper and lower rails can be inserted into the lock, door to be fixed. Most security doors embedded in the door frame seal, closed when not emit sound of metal crash.

Stainless steel security doors must be internally and externally, the first outside the United States should guarantee a good product, and then lock the porter and size of the gap, the gap as small as possible. Good product stairs and door frames should be connected with bite, no sound explanation he pushed a small gap. The quality should be judged with a key lock to try, once opened is not necessarily a good lock, he pushed open the door and lock it be regarded as Shang Hao lock.

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